Role of Alumni 

FK Undip PSG alumni have activities and activities to support the progress of the FK Undip PSG in academic and non-academic activities including donations of funds, donations of facilities, involvement in activities, network development and provision of facilities. 

(1) The role of alumni / graduates in academic activities 

  1. Donation of funds

The form of alumni participation in terms of donating funds in academic activities that have been carried out is in the form of grants for students to disseminate their research results at conferences / seminars. In 2019, IKAGI participated by providing financial assistance of Rp. 8,250,000.00 for PSG students to disseminate the results of his research, both oral and poster presentations at the International Conference on Translational Medicine and Health Sciences (ICTMHS) III organized by FK Undip. 

  1. Donation of facilities

Alumni have played an important role in improving the facilities of the Department of Nutrition. Alumni have provided facility donations in the form of procuring PCs, LCD projectors, laptops, folding tables and notebooks. The following table is a recapitulation list of donations of facilities from alumni in the form of PCs, LCD projectors, laptops, folding tables, and notebooks for the last 3 (three) years. 

 Input to the learning process Alumni participation in academic activities includes being involved as a resource for soft skills training for students and alumni, resource persons in the 2016 new student admission activities – now about job prospects and graduates, resource persons in disseminating scholarship information for students and alumni, some alumni is also involved in developing collaborations for expert lectures, research activities and community service, entrepreneurship training. In addition, the role of alumni in other academic activities is to provide input to the management of the FK Undip PSG in terms of improving the curriculum according to market demands, improvement of facilities and infrastructure, network development. This input is made during alumni meetings (per year) and curriculum workshops every 5 years. Alumi was also involved as a resource for several lessons such as 

(1) Slamet Riyanto, S.Gz (Researcher of Balitbangkes Magelang) in the Determination of Nutritional Status course, 

(2) Aranta Galuh Fridintya, S.Gz (Dietitian Dr. Kariadi Hospital), Vito, S.Gz (Central Java PPLOP Nutrisionis) regarding the work prospects of nutrition science. 

(3) Gardinia, S.Gz (Dietisien RSI Sultan Agung and Youtuber Dini Cook) related to entrepreneurship in the field of nutrition 

  1. Network development or networking Development of networks for FK Undip PSG alumni

done through routine alumni gathering every year to coincide with the DIES Natalis FK UNDIP. Alumni gathering is always held every year in collaboration with alumni of all FK Undip, namely IKA MEDIKA. other than that through WhatsApp Undip Nutrition S1 alumni, the Facebook group of the FK UNDIP Nutrition Alumni Association as a medium of liaison between alumni who are scattered throughout Indonesia from various generations so that communication and friendship between alumni are still awake to this day. Activities in the alumni group include exchanging information about job vacancies, updating information on the latest nutrition issues, work experience, national and international seminars / training activities, information on domestic and foreign scholarships, research information, and discussing fundraising activities. community service and formulating the annual alumni meeting and the election of new management. MOU development / cooperation as a field for field study practice between the Department of Nutrition and Nutrition alumni who are in several hospital institutions such as RSUD Dr. Soewondo Kendal, RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang, Adhyatma Hospital, MPH Semarang, KRT Setjo Nugroho Wonosobo Hospital, Sultan Agung Hospital network in Central Java. 

  1. Provision of facilities for academic activities

Alumni provide facilities for academic activities in the form of anthropometric tools such as BIA, digital scales, microtoas, etc., as well as reference books to add to the book collection in the library of the Department of Nutrition. Alumni also play a role in the development of laboratory equipment for the benefit of student practicum. 

(2) Non-academic activities 

  1. Donation of funds

Alumni participate in voluntary donations of funds collected in the account of the IKAGI chairman where the funds are used to help make a nameplate (stainless steel plate) for the Department of Nutrition, FK UNDIP and purchase of trees / ornamental plants in the new nutrition building. The role of alumni in raising funds for nutrition students who are sick, assistance natural disasters such as the tsunami in Palu, etc. 

  1. Donation of facilities

The role of alumni in giving donations of several books and souvenirs as a door prize for seminar activities, providing nutrition modules for stunting children and preconception nutrition books for community service activities. In addition, alumni have also contributed in providing worship facilities such as prayer rooms for mushrooms