Nutrition Department Undergraduates have competences refer to Nutrition Competence developed by Kolegium Ilmu Gizi Indonesia (KIGI) which has UNDIP vision and mission background. The competences are :

Main Competences :

  • To be able to develop and modify the promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative nutrition service through a systematic nutrition problem analysis in the general condition and adapt to limit resources by implementing management knowledge, communication skill, social and humanity science, information system and culinary art
  • To master basic nutrition, food, biomedicine, pathophysiology and public health science and knowledge about nutrition expert service and authority in national health system and food security system and national nutrition, also to master dietetic theoretical concept to formulated nutrition problem solving for individual, group, and society through nutrition status valuation
  • To be able to give appropriate clinic and public dietetic service or practice
  • To be able to take right decision in nutrition service management by using anthropometry and food consume methods and interpret biochemistry and clinics results
  • To be able to give alternative nutrition problem solving in working place
  • To be responsible to individual or group work result and have critical, empathy to client and workgroup attitude in internal and external organization level

Supporting Competences:

  • To be able to coordinate emergency food production
  • To be able to evaluate food and nutrition quality.

Another Competences:

  • To be able to develop menu from local ingredients appropriate with international standard nutrition needs
  • To be able to create innovation in nutrition service
  • To be able to speak foreign language (English minimum)