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Target Nutrition Science

  • Increasing competition entry PSIG Diponegoro University (rejection rate of minimum 90%)
  • Increase the number of research and publications PSIG Diponegoro University reputable International
  • Improving the competitiveness of graduates PSIG Diponegoro University both at national and international
  • Levels identified from the waiting period graduates to get a job as well as further studies at leading universities at international level
  • Increase the number of graduates who are able to open new entrepreneurs based on the areas of nutrition
  • Increase the number of staff tiered S3 from 20% to at least 30% (in 2016) and 70% (2025), as well as increasing the number of teaching staff great least 15% (2025)
  • Enhancing the role of professors and students (especially S1 and S2) in the publication in the journal nationally accredited, international journals, as well as the work of the patented / IPR
  • Increase the number of acquisition grants competitive funding and cooperation mutually to ensure the continuity of research activities
  • Expand and intensify the cooperation network in Diponegoro University PSIG order internationalization
  • Improving education facilities and infrastructure facilities, research and dedication to achieve the ISO 2025 standards
  • Improve management and information technology-based information systems