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About Alumni 

 Undip PSIG graduates have a Nutrition Alumni Association (IKAGI Undip) organization which was formed on 19 December 2009, and is based on Jl. Dr. Sutomo No.18 Semarang. Until now, there have been 4 times alumni gathering activities in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2015. So far, communication between members has been carried out through a mailing list at the address alumnigiziundip@googlegroups.com, social media, namely Facebook (Alumni of the UNDIP Nutrition Science Study Program) and WhatsApp. . 

 At the third alumni meeting in 2014, a new IKAGI management structure was produced and it has been ratified based on the Dean’s Decree N0 76 / UN7.3.4 / HK / 2014 concerning the appointment of the Alumni management of the Nutrition Science Study Program for the 2014-2018 period. Every year an alumni gathering is held. The fourth alumni meeting on October 28, 2017 at the Department of Nutrition Science Building, FK UNDIP, held a new management election for the 2020-2025 period. So far, communication between members has been carried out through whatasapp, the alumni of S1 Gizi UNDIP, Facebook group, FK UNDIP Nutrition Alumni Association. The IKAGI management structure has been endorsed by the administrators of the IKA MEDICA Faculty of Medicine Alumni Association regarding the appointment of the Nutrition Science Study Program Alumni management for the 2020-2025 period. 

 The main board of IKAGI are as follows: 

Advisor: Head of the Department of Nutrition, FK Undip 

Advisor: Binar Panunggal, S.Gz, MPH (Class 2003) 

Chairman: Galeh Septiar Pontang, S.Gz, M. Nutrition (Class of 2004) 

Representative: Slamet Riyanto, S.Gz (Class 2007) 

Secretary: Dewi Astiti, S.Gz, MPH (Class of 2006) 

: Dewi Marfu’ah Kurniawati, S.Gz, M.Gizi (Class 2007) 

Treasurer: Fillah Fithra Dieny, S.Gz, M.Si (Class 2003) 

: RR Annisa Ayuningtyas, S.Gz, M. Nutrition (Class of 2013) 

Professional development fields: 

Head: Leiyla Elvizahro, S.Gz (Class 2007) 

Wakabid: Riza Puspitarini, S.Gz (Class of 2008) 

Alumni development and collaboration: 

Head: Muhammad Febriyanto, S.Gz (Class 2007) 

Wakabid: Silvia Inge Safitri, S.Gz (Class of 2014) 

Field of community service: 

Head: Ibnu Zaki, S.Gz, M. Nutrition (Class 2007) 

Wakabid: Mursid Tri Susilo, S.Gz, M. Nutrition (Class 2009) 

Public Relations and Publications: 

Head: Septian Hari Pratama, S.Gz (Class of 2010) 

Wakabid: Vivilia Niken Hastuti, S.Gz (2013) 

Business development and funds: 

Head: Fredian Suhardinata, S.Gz (Class of 2011) 

Wakabid: Dian Estiningtyas, S.Gz (Class 2009)