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Welcome to Nutrition Study Program of Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University Semarang

Becoming one of the best Universities and Able to Compete in National and International Level


Contain a complete and detailed graduates competence standard which consists of main, supporting and other competences which help achieving the department’s purpose, mission and vision.


Nutrition Science Department of Undip has set the requirements for lecturers of Nutrition Science Department of Undip to have minimum educational qualification of Master’s Degree and able to implement the Vision and Mission of Nutrition Science Department of Undip.


Helps students to be able to develop their personalities so that they can be mature, excellent and responsible which are compatible with the graduates profile of Universitas Diponegoro.


On average, students of Nutrition Science Department complete their studies in four years and three months. Meanwhile, they usually get a job three and a half months after they graduated

Why ?

We have competence and….

Career Opportunity

Tracer Study is an assessment of our graduates’ users on the performance of alumni while working in aspects of integrity, professionalism, communication skills, ability to cooperate, etc.

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